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{Personal}: Equality, respect, and beauty.

Alright, internet we are about to get so personal today. Get ready, because I’m ready to share something SO close to my heart. Love it or hate it, I’m happy to share how I feel today to you.

I want to start this out as, this is NOT a religious post in any way shape or form. This post is about humanity, equality, and beauty. 

As I have grown over the past few years and truly found myself, I’ve seen my world view change. I’m so much more open, accepting. I see the world differently. I see humanity, PEOPLE as what is truly important. Diversity is beautiful to me. When people, humans or souls, are happy, it lightens my heart. In ANY way that makes them a positive contribution to those around them.

This equates to religion, sexual orientation, and many other things. I recently attended SC Pride for the first time in my life last week, and I was beyond moved. What a beautiful, positive place in time. All I saw were smiles and cheers around. Humans being themselves and celebrating everything about who they are.

People were happy, so I was happy. Humanity is about days like these. Accepting others because they are equal and just as perfect as you are. I believe in people. I believe in humans coming together and loving each other JUST because it is another person. I believe in respect of other’s choices, sexual orientation, and spirituality. I believe in equality, respect, and beauty.


One more thing, a respect of someone’s spirituality is not prying. Not asking because you do not understand. Spirituality is personal, important, life changing. If someone chooses to share what they believe, be honored. Do not ask out of curiosity. Respect other’s personal dealings. Spirituality is beautiful in every form, and we should only concern ourselves about our own.

Happy, heavy-blog-Tuesday!

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