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Mother’s Day Special| SC Portrait Photography| JHP Gifts

Today I am so excited to be announcing JHP’s first annual Mother’s Day Special today! Mom’s are pretty cool, and I know mine is the best in the whole world. Why not celebrate these pretty ladies?! So, if you’re at a loss for what to give your mom for Mother’s Day, I got you covered. […]

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The School Sessions| International Portrait Photography Community

I am SO excited to sharing this blog post with you today. I have always known that photography is my gift in this world, and I will always JUMP at the opportunity to use my talents for a good cause. Well, I have been invited by Jamie Delaine to join in The School Sessions! The School […]

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Portrait: Jennifer Metcalf

I rarely blog on Sundays, but I just had to share this great portrait session. Jennifer and I met up in a location I have been wanting to shoot in for weeks. She is a fellow photographer, and a great one at that! I had the pleasure of photographing her family last summer, and I have […]

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Lessons Learned: LIGHT

As a natural light photographer, I case pretty light. I notice it at the most random times all around me. GOOD light makes me pause and appreciate it. I cannot tell how tired my best friends (Shout out Dolphin and Ricky) are of hearing me say, “The light, though. Look at it.” I make it a […]

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Industry Builders

Too often the photography industry is comprised of competition and jealousy. Since EVERYONE and their mother can purchase a DSLR camera at Best Buy these days, photographers are popping up everywhere. It’s become a trend. It’s cool and glamorous to be a photographer. You would not believe how many times I have people ask me […]

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