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Knowledge, right off the NET.

I pre-blogged this post EVEN before I launched my blog or website. You may think is a little desperate, but I really wanted to remember what I learned in this moment.

I follow MANY photographers every day, and I tend to creep over blog after blog of my faves after I get out of class. Jasmine Star is one my favorites to follow, and if you are a photographer, I am SURE you know who I am talking about. I have been following her for a year now, and her posts, videos, images, and over-all branding has taught me so much. Its literally FREE knowledge, right off the good ol’ net.

 I was creeping on Jstar and found her post about what she had to say to Showit United (AKA amazing group of photographers that are at the forefront of this industry). She gave them a quick presentation about the struggles of this crazy industry, PASS, and where photography is going. I actually sat down and TOOK NOTES on what she was saying. Here are a few things I really took from her quick presentation:

  1. NO ONE can tell any other person, photographer, blogger, ect. that what they are doing for their passion and business is the “wrong way”. There is no “wrong way” to this business. It’s yours, do what you want! Be you, not just another photographer.
  2. Share it up! What I mean is, SHARE your images. Pop that water mark on the image and go ham (Yes, I just said “ham”. James is shaking his at me as he reads this.). Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram. Go, get out there, and let your images speak for themselves.
  3. Be prepared to be criticized, questioned, and put down. That’s okay. Just be confident in yourself.

Now, I do love these three points, but to really apply them to myself I know I need to hold everything to a higher standard. I am representing Christ on the web through all of the things I listed above. My standard are my morals and brining glory to God, not JUST what I wanna do when I wanna do it.

Hope this post pushed you a little closer to your dreams, and if you want to listen to Jasmine rock it out on the WPPI stage, here is a link: Jasmine’s WPPI Presentation.

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